DTF And My Sex Life Sucks: What I Learned from Attending a Sex Positivity Workshop

Vulva Puppet. Photo courtesy Etsy/WonderousVulvaPuppets

That’s not sex positivity. It’s sex negativity!” my date shouted from the front seat of the UberPool Prius. Squished next to two strangers on their way to the ER, I was describing to him the sex positivity workshop I’d recently attended in Cow Hollow. I was taken aback by his insistence that he knew what sex positivity was and that I didn’t. I decided not to mention the attendance of Vicki, the velvet vulva puppet, at the workshop, lest she be fetishized as I was for my own attendance. (I was also thinking that ER trips and first dates are both good times to spring for regular Uber rather than UberPool.)

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DTF And My Sex Life Sucks: What I Learned from Attending a Sex Positivity Workshop

I Sprained My Ankle But Berkeley Is Bomb

sad puppy
I badly sprained my ankle last night wearing 6” heels. Shoeicide! That’s two falls in two weeks. My coccyx still hurts a ton. My new plan is to only wear heels in bed. I ate sidewalk walking to long lost red panties guy (Uber didn’t exactly drop me off in front of his place). He’d come outside to greet me, ran down the block and scooped me up, which was very nice.

This morning I went to see my doctor. She thought it could be fractured and sent me to get an X-ray. The hospital is a two-minute walk from my doctor’s office. I dragged my swollen purple foot behind me as it started to rain. Berkeley passersby took pity on me. I guy who said he drove for Uber stopped and offered me a free ride. I declined. Then a woman came up and grabbed my arm and helped me hobble.

The woman’s name is Denah Bookstein. She was on her way to teach a memoir class to Holocaust survivors. She entertained me with her stories about her younger self, navigating the subway in heels She said that heels were much shorter back then. When we got close to the entrance she got a wheelchair and wiped off the rainwater pooled on the seat with her hand. She wheeled me all the way down to the X-ray department in the basement and gave me her contact info so I could contact her and let her know I was OK. What an amazingly nice woman. I’m so lucky to live in Berkeley with amazingly nice people!

Extremely painful ankle sprain silver lining story brought to you by Berkeley, California. You should move here.

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I Sprained My Ankle But Berkeley Is Bomb