Fun! Date Ideas

I’m the worst bowler ever!

What do you do when a man asks you out and says, “Let’s do something fun?”

  1. Tell him that you look forward to finding out what fun plans he comes up with.
  2. Assume he’s talking about sex and head to the family planning section of your nearest drugstore.
  3. Research and poll all your friends. You are #1 fun date planner.

I’m the #1 fun date planner type. The date would have been tonight so my first step was to research various sites (Berkeleyside, Fun Cheap SF, etc.) to find out if there were any fun events happening tonight. A “fun” event might be an art party or when Romper Room in San Francisco turned the bar into a giant ball pit.

In this case I couldn’t really find anything. I very briefly thought about the Dirty Old Women Literary Salon at Octopus in Oakland but decided that would be weird. On St. Patrick’s Day I polled my friends who were with me drinking green beer. Lucky for me, one of my friends is the Nosh writer for Berkeleyside (that’s two mentions in one post K!).

I typically think fun dates involve some type of alcohol and play. Kink Studios tour, Thursday night at Exploritorium, and Playland Japan all in SF are examples. I wasn’t sure if he meant going into the city when he asked for fun. My friend K said that: 1. The East Bay is the best (agreed). 2. Usually people who are visiting have their own idea of what’s fun to do in San Francisco. 3. She’d ask her BF to create a Tenderloin Tour for me (stay tuned for that blog post). It’s challenging getting into the city for a weeknight date IMO.

K and I started talking about how much we love San Pablo Avenue. There are many wonders to behold from Oakland to El Cerrito on San Pablo Avenue. Here’s a short list (all great date locations as well): Albany Aquarium, Tap Plastics, Missouri Lounge, Tokyo Fish Market, and Albany Bowl is one of the most fun places in the whole world. I love taking dates to Albany Bowl with a Hotsy Totsy Club and parking lot El Autlense taco truck chaser.

Albany Bowl is the best. It’s not at all for hipsters. There are a lot of sheet cake type birthday parties going on there on any given night. There’s arcade games and skeeball. There’s a dive bar attached with darts where you can get pitchers of good beer (Lagunitas) to bring back to your lane. There’s also a diner for feasting.

Bowling is so fun even though I get worse when I drink and everyone else seems to get better. Circumstances prevented me from showing the guy that I am the #1 fun date planner. I wonder if he would have had fun? Actually, scratch that. I KNOW he would have had a blast.

Fun! Date Ideas

Great Date Idea: A Tour of Kink’s Armory

She looks really happy about those clothespins

My friend Brad thinks I’m too picky about men. “What’s wrong with this one?” he texted recently. I told him that the guy was too effeminate.

Me: I want someone who can push me up against a wall when indicated (sexually).

B: Whoa. That’s a tall order in today’s politically correct world where men have been psychologically bullied to become less manly.

Me: My ex was a choker.

B: Whoa! Have you been to the Kink in SF?

Me: I’m kinky?

B: It’s an adult studio that runs tours. It’s a good date choice.

Me: The SF Weekly slideshow makes it look amazing and fun. Thanks for a great idea.

B: The date that goes with you will shake off any kind of cultural political correctness and feminization.

Me: Or just giggle girlishly?

B: It will only last for a few seconds. It will sink in.

Brad has been on the tour and says you get to see all the sets, costumes, props…and you may or may not be asked to sign a waiver in case you end up in a porno being filmed as you tour. According to the Armory Studios website,

“The extraordinary history of the SF Armory and the talented handiwork of the Art Department combine to create an unforgettable experience. From extensive prop collections to the creek that runs through the basement, there is no other place quite like it.”

They had me at, “extraordinary history” hahaha. I’ve seen pictures online and there’s a room full of stilettos and schoolgirl skirts, a gross bathroom, a clean bathroom, gimp room, the hog set, abattoir (whoa, the porn people taught me a new word), an actual creek, and a New York City apartment. I think that if you’re in the getting to know you phase, the blind lust phase, the what happened to blind lust phase, or any phase for that matter in relating, it would give you a lot to talk about. If Aziz Ansari says you should go to a monster truck rally on a date, why not tour the settings of people’s fantasies.

He who accompanies me shall be lucky.

Great Date Idea: A Tour of Kink’s Armory