When Donnie Met Hillary: Dating Outside the Bubble


I had no qualms about going on a date with a Trump voter, but things soured fast when the subject of race came up.

I try to be open minded when it comes to dating. I’ve dated men of all different body types, career paths and ages — including one guy a couple of decades my senior. Friends see pictures of my ex-boyfriends and accuse me of fucking with them. Maybe that’s because many of my friends aren’t as amenable. There’s my friend Lucia, who is 5 feet tall and won’t date anyone under 6 feet. Natalie won’t date anyone who lives over the Richmond Bridge or through the Caldecott Tunnel. Sure, I have my preferences — has to have integrity, can’t be a rock climber — but ultimately I’m looking for someone who pots my honey, be he Tiburonian or hairy backed.

So why not go out with a Trump voter with a shirtless selfie?

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When Donnie Met Hillary: Dating Outside the Bubble