Drink Margarita’s At Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

A date took me for margaritas to Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco’s Little Russia neighborhood. Tommy’s was opened by the Bermejo family in 1965. Tommy’s son Julio is recognized as one of the world’s top experts on tequila.

My margarita consisted of 100% pure agave tequila, agave syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice. The date was good but the margarita was just OK. OK enough to drink two. It would have been better to sit at the bar, get a tequila lesson, and taste a few instead of just ordering “a margarita.” What I know about tequila is to order Cazadores on a budget and never order Patrón unless you want the bartender to mock you.

The restaurant had old timey character. I didn’t eat so I can’t say if the food is any good. We sang Happy Birthday to a kid making a wish over his flan at the next table. Is it true that tequila is the only alcohol that’s an upper? I choose to believe this.


Drink Margarita’s At Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

Tequila Lime Birthday Cake

FullSizeRender (64)I’m the girl that brings the spiked baked goods to people’s birthdays. I think that a birthday celebration must have something sweet to stick a candle in. How else can the birthday person make a wish? I didn’t know what kind of cake my friend R would like so I asked him what his favorite candy was. I hoped he say something chocolate but he said, “Skittles.” Skittles cake? Nope. I remembered he liked tequila and that is how the tequila lime cake was born. Yellow Skittles made an appearance.

I used a white cake mix, lemon pudding mix, egg whites, oil, vanilla, fresh squeezed lime juice and a cup of Cazadores tequila blanco. By the way, If you want to impress a bartender and don’t have a pile of money, ridicule Patron and then order Cazadores. The frosting was basic buttercream. Cream butter and butter flavored Crisco (so the frosting will behave) and powdered sugar. Add a tablespoon of vanilla. You’re supposed to put about a third of a cup of milk in the mix but I didn’t have any so I used more tequila and lime juice.

I fucked up this cake pretty badly twice. Don’t fear baking people. I wing it all the time. I thought I was using a one-cup measurer (too many swigs of tequila) when it was a two-cup. A cake mix calls for three eggs but I always use 4. This time I used 8. Whoops! Hmmm, the batter is so runny, what do I do. I ran to the store and grabbed another cake mix. I was a little skeptical so I baked one cupcake just to make sure it was edible. It was.

The next time I fucked up was when frosting. I bought that set of three tinfoil baking pans. It was going to be a three-layer cake but 85% of the way into frosting it I realized that I didn’t have enough and had to cut out a layer and scrape off as much as possible. I bake at a friend’s house and he was very happy to find the reject layer when he got home later. It made up for any sticky spots I may have left behind. I am a messy critter and even after I clean up you’re likely to find buttered handles everywhere I touched.

Frosting a cake is always annoying as fuck. That’s why people use fondant, which gives a cake that perfectly smooth look. Fondant tastes disgusting. I usually put the cake in the freezer for a bit to make it less likely to crumb up the frosting. I also smooth out the frosting with a wet knife. Decorating was super easy because I used the star tip from my Williams-Sonoma tip set. I squeezed and then plopped on the Skittles to make the flowers. I couldn’t find my cake carrier so later it got smooshed during the car ride. It was real pretty before that happened.

I gave R the leftover tequila and Skittles as presents. My friend L and I covered that cake with candles and embarrassed the shit out of the birthday boy and that’s how it should be. I got compliments.

S with the sticky spots said, “Made me think of a piña colada on the beach in cake form. Super good!” R the birthday boy said, “It was the best, no one has done anything like that for me.”

Aww, thanks friends. It was my pleasure even though I burned myself on the oven.

Tequila Lime Birthday Cake

Meh to Yeah

It’s filled with empty stool sample containers but it’s nifty

My mood is low today. I saw my GI doctor because I have UC and am having a flare. I will be on prednisone for 6 weeks. Most of that time is the ramping down process.Weaning off corticosteroids is no joke. My adrenal glands will be very unhappy with me during each step in the tapering process. They’ve been sleeping, letting prednisone do the work and now I’m going to kick them out of bed. Overall prednisone makes me feel ill. I have good days and bad days on it. Today is a bad day.

Fortunately, I have built up tools to turn around my thinking. I waited 45 minutes at the lab to be handed a bunch of stuff to poop in. Bummer. When it was finally my turn I was tickled by the fact that these containers were collected in a snazzy purple bag. I made a joke about it to the world-weary lab lady and she laughed. I felt better.

I talked to people on the phone and texted with people who care about me. With one friend, I specifically instructed him not to try and fix anything. I just wanted him to listen to me feel sorry for myself and respond with empathic noises and words. The conversation was brief. He called me a trouper, which is something I love to hear. I felt better.

I talked to another friend and forced a chipper attitude. I made sure he knew how well I was handling my illness and my feelings about it. As I heard myself saying, “I’m lucky, it could be so much worse” I started to believe it and also feel the truth in my words. I was happy to be talking to him and catching up. The forcing eased. I felt better.

I joked with a friend at work about someone bringing Patron to her BF’s birthday party this Saturday. If I know one thing about alcohol, it’s that Patron is the kind of tequila that people think is fancy but is actually nasty. I told her that the new dress I’d ordered for the party was not going to work with any kind of bra. My Es need support. I told this to another friend and she informed me that bralessness is known as “Free Boobing.” I started singing Tom Petty, “Cuz I’m freeeeee, free boobing.” I laughed. I felt better.

Another friend texted me to say that she’d be around work until yoga if I needed her. She also sent me a couple of her favorite tracks from Rihanna’s forceful new album Anti. Listening to songs Work and Love on the Brain had me grooving at my desk. I felt better.

I’ll allow myself to crawl into my bed after work and cry if I need to. I’ll get out of my bed and go to yoga. I’ve had these types of tools around for a while (exercise, write, get out of bed, etc). The real difference now is my investment in more friendships, real ones, great ones. I’ve been down this road before but I’ve never had all these precious hands to hold.

Meh to Yeah