Nutella Cupcakes

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My Nutella cupcakes are way tastier than Krispy Kreme’s new Nutella donut, not that I’ve visited the Krispy Kreme Nutella donut ATM in London in the last two days. My friends H’s boyfriend is turning 40 and for some reason I’m making cupcakes for friends’ boyfriends’ birthdays now.

The cake is chocolate. I used a box of Duncan Hines’ Devil’s Food cake mix, a small box of instant chocolate pudding mix, 1/3 of a cup oil, a cup of whipping cream (makes them extra fluffy), 4 eggs, and a generous tablespoon of vanilla. I filled the shiny gold cupcake papers using a spring action ice cream scoop so they were mostly the same size and yielded almost 3 dozen little yummies. It’s my friend A’s birthday party on Sunday and she asked for little fanfare. Leftover Nutella cupcakes and kisses for her it is.

The frosting is buttercream, which includes a large sack of powdered sugar, a stick of butter, a stick of butter flavored Crisco, 1/3 of a cup of whipping cream, and another generous tablespoon of vanilla. I spooned about half a small jar of Nutella to beat with the butter and butter like substance as a first step.

I bought a new frosting tip at Spun Sugar to replace the one that went missing last week because I prefer not to use the star tip. The star tip doesn’t look as professional. I used some milk and white chocolate flake things also from Spun Sugar to decorate.

I don’t like Nutella but I was squirting this frosting directly into my mouth from the pastry bag (after I’d already frosted all the cupcakes of course) because I’m a piggy.

Nutella Cupcakes

Albany’s Sam’s Log Cabin Is Ick

I’m pretty sure my friend K who writes about food told me that Sam’s Log Cabin on San Pablo Avenue in Albany has good food. I’m probably wrong about that because they do not. I tried to have Sunday brunch there a few weeks ago and there were roughly 25 people on the list before me 45 minutes until closing time. My friend P and I easily got a table today at 8 am.

It’s cute, especially the back patio area. Everyone working there is very friendly. The portions are big. The blueberry lemon scone, sourdough toast, and potatoes were very good. They are not too fancy to serve Diet Coke. The important stuff, eggs, pancakes, and sausages were not good at all. If it’s possible for all three of these foods to be dry, that’s what they were.

The most important part of breakfast is the egg. If a place overcooks my scrambled eggs, I never go there again. I probably like them more runny than most but if they look and taste like I’m at a breakfast buffet in a London hotel or at Whole Foods for that matter, then I’m out. Sam’s Log Cabin served dry ass eggs.

I ordered the Hardly Working breakfast consisting of a pancake and egg and added sausage because I like to make my own McDonald’s McGriddle type messy roll up thing. The pancake was dry, even with the whole shot glass of syrup. Finally, the sausage was dry, like crumbling in its little casing dry.

I’d say the food was on par with Au Coquelet in Downtown Berkeley. That is a super dis.

Albany’s Sam’s Log Cabin Is Ick