SF Pride

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Last night my friend D and I donned our blue and pink wigs and went to California Academy of Science’s Pride NightLife event. We got to use the staff entrance with the drag queens and were asked, “Are you ladies on the list?” It kind of made me giddy. I wondered why I didn’t go to “Such and Such Day at the Such and Such Museum” events more often. As I waited on line to have a sea cucumber excrete in my hand, I remembered why I don’t usually go to such things. They are crowded as fuck. Fun fact: When a sea cucumber gets stressed, it eviscerates its own organs only to regrow them later.

I wasn’t about to go sea cucumber but I was annoyed about spending a couple waiting everywhere. The spicy margaritas with the peppers that made my lips numb were worth the wait, however. We got some free rainbow sunglasses and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to take a selfie with fish.

Heklina’s show was great. Her legs and ability to strut in high heels made me jealous. When I met her afterward, I was star struck. I’m working on a story for The Bold Italic about female urination devices so I used a urinal in the men’s bathroom. Nobody cared. I ate McDonald’s afterward and felt very guilty. San Francisco is confusing.

SF Pride

Queen Heklina’s Top Picks for SF Pride Parties


“In light of the events that happened in Orlando, this year’s Pride theme is extremely appropriate. I know it might sound trivial, but if we can’t have fun at Pride, then terror wins.”

One of San Francisco’s most well-known drag queens, Heklina, certainly knows who’s hosting the best parties on Pride weekend. What better source for Pride veterans and newbies alike to get the hookup from? This week, I sat down with her to pick the brain under that fabulous wig — and to hear her picks for the best Pride party options for any and every stripe.

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Queen Heklina’s Top Picks for SF Pride Parties