Not The Best Ethiopian Food in Oakland: Cafe Colucci

Not our actual lunch but actual food from Cafe Colucci

The first time I tried Ethiopian food I was 21 and studying abroad in East Africa. Living in Los Angeles after college, I took my fare share of trips to that section of Fairfax right before you get to LACMA and not just for the exotic cake store. I’ve eaten my fair share of doro wat and injera.

When I first moved to the Bay Area, I lived at 60th and Telegraph in Oakland and was excited to be close to the row of Ethiopian restaurants at the Berkeley border (because I think I’m cool like that). I rarely choose Ethiopian food but I’m always glad when someone else does. When I do choose to eat it, I pick the restaurant based on the ambience. Have you been to that one in the basement of the Clarion Hotel in downtown Oakland or the Eithiopian food jazz club on Filmore in San Francisco? The truth is, the only place I’ve eaten in “Little Eithiopia” is Barcote (because it was someone’s birthday) until today.

I had lunch at Cafe Colucci with my friend and colleague Allan who is as previously mentioned in this blog, opinionated about the springiness of his food options. My boss refused to join us because he seemed legitimately terrified of the injera expanding in his stomach. We had some kind of meat dish and a vegetable sampler. Enh. It was fine. The meat was not tender enough. I asked Allan about the springiness level of the injera and he said, “There are two different axis, the chewiness axis and the springiness axes…” Basically, it was springy but not chewy enough. They also have a market and cooking classes. We didn’t partake. Finally, my stomach does not appear distended.

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Not The Best Ethiopian Food in Oakland: Cafe Colucci