La Note Is No Bon Jovi

La Note
Years ago my friend and I arrived at MOCA in downtown Los Angles for an art party. The line went down Grand, past Walt Disney Concert Hall and stretched around the block to First Street. My friend exclaimed, “This art party is no Bon Jovi!” Apparently, a Bon Jovi concert was the only event she’d consider waiting in line for longer than an hour.

I rarely go to La Note in downtown Berkeley. Weekend brunch waits are even more enormous than their pancakes. You can arrive at 8 am and still wait. Long lines for breakfast in the Bay Area are why I’ve patronized Doyle Street Café in Emeryville for years. Unfortunately, the secret got out and the wait is now long even for their mediocre food.

The food at La Note is not mediocre. It’s good, almost sometimes maybe great. I judge a breakfast place on the eggs. For the love of god, please don’t overcook eggs. I always undercook eggs. This grosses some people out but those people are wrong. My scrambled eggs at La Note this morning were perfect. I also ate bacon, sourdough toast, and some of my date’s raspberry oatmeal pancakes but the eggs were the best part.

The ambience at La Note is just OK. I’ve heard the back patio is super nice. My favorite breakfast places look like dumps in Concord or they’re in strip malls. Some are dumps in Concord strip malls. La Note looks nice ish. There are probably some chicken knick-knacks around.

Finally, my date’s grapefruit had a hair in it. The hair was like really in there. As he pointed out, “There are scarier things we can’t see in our food.” We think our waitress might have said, “Good luck to you guys” referencing the fact that we were on a date. That was odd but she backed me up on the fact that a Diet Coke is a superior beverage choice to coffee first thing in the morning so I loved her for that. Go to La Note on a weekday.

The salad Nicoise is also good

La Note Is No Bon Jovi

Song Exploder Is The Best Podcast Ever

Song Exploder is my favorite podcast. I like to listen to a podcast and learn something . Song Exploder is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and according to their website, “Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.” The first Song Exploder episode I listened to was about Sylvan Esso’s song Coffee. That’s a great one. My favorite episode however, is the one about Courtney Barnett’s song Depreston. I’m obsessed with Courtney Barnett right now.

I learned from Song Exploder that Courtney Barnett is from Melbourne and was on her way home from an open house in the suburb Preston when she got the idea for the song. The lyrics are about her feelings of intrusiveness when she learns that the house was owned by a now deceased woman and the stuff inside the house is hers. She turned what the relator told her into the lyric, “If you’ve got a spare half a million. You could knock it down and start rebuildin’.” At first she wanted a group to sing this lyric but decided that a round was too, “Sesame Street” and went just with her own voice and that of her bass player’s.

More than the explanation of the lyrics, I enjoyed her talking about the music and how the song was recorded. She said it was easy to write but hard to record because it was so minimum, bare, and vulnerable that everything stuck out. They used brushes on the drums to give the effect of tiptoeing around a dead woman’s house and the guitar solo is meant to sound like a crying lady.

There’s no chorus in the song because as Courtney Barnett says, “Not every song needs a chorus. There’s no rules I songwriting and even if there was I wouldn’t know what they are.” They end the song with the rare nowadays fade out. “You work hard to earn the money to buy a house and raise a family and then you die,” she says. The fade out is like life itself. At the end of the podcast, they play the song in it’s entirety.

Song Exploder

Depreston by Courtney Barnett


Song Exploder Is The Best Podcast Ever

What to do in Berkeley on Friday Night

FullSizeRender (28)WeWork Berkeley is celebrating its first birthday tonight. WeWork throws a great party (see my post about why I love having an office here). Expect free food, drinks, and a DJ. Come meet a cool group of diverse people working on diverse projects who play well together. We’ll all be amped up tonight as we haven’t had a Tequila Thursday in forevs.

Learn more about drones, videography, nail art, marijuana, financial planning, working with and for a start up, NMMNG, marketing, patents, 3D maps, Berkeleyside, raw diets for dogs, and coffee (a small sampling of what’s happening at WeWork Berkeley). Hit people up for a job. Hit on people. Eat birthday cake.

The party is tonight at 2120 University Avenue in Berkeley on the 5th floor from 6 – 9. You must RSVP. I saw some good party swag when I came into work this morning. Need more convincing? Seriously? I’ll be there.


I love WeWork Berkeley post

What the hell is NMMNG?


What to do in Berkeley on Friday Night