I Voted For Hillary Clinton. Why Do I feel So Guilty?

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I walked into a polling place in Berkeley, California today and voted for Hilary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders. When my ballot was spat back out of the scanner, rejected I imagined all my friends shaking their Sanders loving slender fingers at me. My girlfriends dressed as Bernie Sanders for Bay to Breakers and waited on line for hours to cheer him on at his Oakland rally. Why do I feel as defective as my ballot voting for Hilary Clinton?

Here’s where you’re really going to shun me. I also voted for Hilary Clinton instead of Barack Obama in the 2008 California primary. I’m sorry that it’s been my dream to see a woman elected president since I watched Geraldine Ferraro at the Democratic National Convention as a little girl and was later called a lesbian after proudly displaying a Newsweek photo of Clinton in her Wellesley College days in my high school locker.

I have good and bad reasons for wanting to see Hilary Clinton elected president of the United States. A bad reason is that the wealthiest I’ve ever been was working as a first year public school teacher when Bill Clinton was president. I think the Clintons know what they’re doing. A good reason is that Hilary Clinton has the foreign policy experience necessary to lead this country.

Women are still treated like shit in the United Sates (we have like the worst parental leave policy in the entire world?). I’d like to see a woman president represent my interests in the White House. I care about reproductive rights, gun violence and equal pay. My friend A says that he will only vote for someone he’d want to play poker with. That statement just fucking sucks as he means he’d rather vote for Donald Trump. More snarky vitriol that Clinton will overcome.

I Voted For Hillary Clinton. Why Do I feel So Guilty?