Feet and Shoes

I won’t be getting a Kanye shoe for my good foot

As I Lyfted to the foot doctor today to find out if I would need surgery, my driver said some interesting things. He had just turned 30 over the weekend and said, “I feel so accomplished. I’m still alive. I have to play catch up with those other people who planned to live past 29.” His birthday presents were a camping trip and some Kanye shoes.

Artist and genius Kanye West created the Yeezy sneaker. The most expensive pairs on eBay sell for tens of thousands of dollars.  My driver said that they were expensive and he was being irresponsible but that he considered them an investment in his future. He’s an artist.

He said, “I’m not going to wear Jordans. He just played basketball. Jordan didn’t change the world. How come nobody ever asks what shoes Gandhi wore? What kind of shoes does Barack Obama wear? I want to walk in Kanye’s shoes because his music changed my life.”

I’m going to drop over $100 on a “comfort” shoe for my good foot today after work. I don’t have to have surgery. I think wearing it in all its sturdy fugliness will inspire me to:

  1. Be less clumsy
  2. Not dress up for the wrong guys or any guys
Feet and Shoes

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