Full of Meat

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I’m full of the hulking slab of prime rib I ate yesterday. I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco’s House of Prime Rib and I finally got to go. Other notable meat eating experiences in my life include attending a graduation dinner at Lawry’s in Beverly Hills with the granddaughter of Richard Frank (brains behind the Beef Bowl) and the time my friend A and I went to a churrascaria and begged for vegetables.

My date ordered fish because he is (said with some degree of fondness) a pussy. I ordered the biggest portion of meat available the King Henry VIII Cut. Did he have a huge meat stick or something? Internet says yes, his codpiece was quite substantial. They carve the meat tableside off an unpleasant looking (even for me) giant slab of cooked cow hanging out in a zeppelin.

We also enjoyed sour dough bread, salad dressed tableside, baked and mashed potatoes, creamed corn and spinach and Yorkshire Pudding (not actually pudding.) I couldn’t handle meat “seconds” offered by the waiter. I was satisfied by Henry.

My friend T told me recently that Casa Orinda in Orinda has better prime rib than House of Prime Rib. I like the idea of an “old west” theme at Casa Orinda even though Yelp says it’s an Italian restaurant. My only beef about HPR was that it wasn’t dark enough. I like my steakhouse dim like Taylor’s in Koreatown in Los Angeles.

Full of Meat

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