Rich Pretty

Disclaimer: This is an extremely shallow little post, unlike all my other posts. Haha.

Gwynnie is only pretty because she’s rich. She can afford the best beauty treatments, clothing, accessories and personal trainer (someone to take the food out of her mouth so she doesn’t eat.) She can afford rest and rest accoutrement (Hästens Vividus, vacation home in The Seychelles, plastic surgery…). Rich people can also afford inner beauty because they can experience more and pay to learn anything they want. Rich people have soft feet, perfect teeth and Michelin Stars.

The Kardashians are rich pretty and so were all the girls on The Hills. When I google “rich pretty” I get a lot of results related to rich men with pretty women like Donald and Melania Trump. I guess that make Mr. Trump “rich handsome.”

I would be much prettier right now if I wasn’t saving up to buy an ankle MRI and could afford an eyebrow wax. As woman in the sauna of a private tennis club once told me as she was slathering her naked body in EVO, “It’s all about natural beauty.” Right.

Rich Pretty

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