Sandwich-Off : Sandwich Spot v. Ike’s

FullSizeRender (86)
Sandwich Spot (L) is superior to Ike’s (R)

My very first blog post back on February 10th was about my love for Sandwich Spot in Downtown Berkeley. Not too long ago an Ike’s moved in a block away ready for a rumble. I’d been trying to avoid sandwiches lately on the Tiffany Diet, but bitch left for Croatia so it was time to feast.

The general consensus among two Berkeleyside staff members and myself is that Ike’s looks too annoying to enter. There are more sandwich choices than anyone with good sense would know how to deal with. Why does Ike’s have a sandwich named penis? That’s what a “pizzle” is right?

I tried to be scientific and order the same sandwich at both places (turkey, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles on a french roll). Ike’s doesn’t have mayo, they have dirty sauce (garlic aioli) I was told. Also, at Ike’s you can’t have a cold sandwich. The bread must be heated.

My Sandwich Spot sammy was $2 cheaper than the one from Ike’s. I didn’t like the sauce. I don’t like fancy sandwiches and secret menus annoy me. Ike’s is for bros. Sandwich Spot is for me.

Sandwich-Off : Sandwich Spot v. Ike’s

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