I Must Confess I Still Believe

Brittany Party PIc cropped
I must confess I still believe that I can dress up like Brittany Spears in her Baby One More Time video and look hot. My friends and I went to Club 90s Brittany Spears Night at Starline Social Club in Oakland. We danced to 90s classics such as Baby Got Back, whipped our pigtails around and my boobs were out, way out.

We found more Baby One More Time Brittanys and all danced together while some Asian boyfriends held purses for their girls. We drank fancy 40s of beer. My ankle started to hurt so I sat down and watched as some Brittanys melted down. The best part was that they projected the music videos on the wall.

Sorry you missed it like my co worker Edgar? Don’t despair, Destiny’s Child Night is coming next. Stay abreast on Club 90s’ Facebook page. I think I’ll go with the half naked castaway look from the Survivor video.

I Must Confess I Still Believe

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