I Found a Gray Hair Down There

They say the hands give away your age more than any other body part. I disagree. Having gray pubic hair, or any pubic hair at all for that matter means you’re old. I’m old.

I mentioned my discovery to my young friend M and she was confused. “Wait, you have pubic hair?” her eyes boggled. It’s true, I have pubic hair. I’m bringing sexy back?

My colorist Julie at Sakura Studio in Oakland, who promises me I have just a few gray hairs on my head, was more understanding. She learned to color hair in Italy (go see Julie, she’s an artist). She often witnessed women leaving the salon with a doggy bag. In the bag was just enough hair dye so that the curtains would match the drapes.

I don’t need the doggy bag yet, but I’m prepared to move to Italy for the gelato and the pubic hair. Cue Justin Timberlake.

I Found a Gray Hair Down There

One thought on “I Found a Gray Hair Down There

  1. I think women who shave just to satisfy men’s expectations are about as unsexy as you can get. It’s a fad brought on by the porn industry and perpetuated by hair salons. Why would anyone want to look like a pre-pubescent girl or boy?

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