I Crafted

FullSizeRender (79)My friend D and I are headed to the Napa Valley this Friday to get drunk. More accurately, we are going to a closing reception for my friend’s art show at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville. My mother taught me not to go to shows, parties, anywhere empty handed. D and I are crafting a bouquet of flowers inspired by his art. I once made a bouquet out of light bulbs for a friend’s found object lamps show

My friend’s art is so good that when I look at it, I start hard mathing on how many dirty sex acts I’d have to perform in order to own a piece. He describes the process he used to create his arousing piece Transitions #1, “Paperback books are cut up, and then reordered to create gradations with the paper edges. Each gradation in this piece is from a different book. In total, there are 33,558 pieces of paper sorted in order.” Fuck yeah.

I headed to Oakland’s Urban Ore to pick up some vintage art books to defile. One of them is about CCA, which is cool because I think he’s taught there. I had all the other necessary materials at home in my craft chest. Yes, I have one of those. I got tired of the Warriors watching bar scene, so D and I are going to work on this project while watching Game 6 at home (someone else’s home that has a projector).

I think my first draft is pretty good but I’m not sure it will make the cut. My young male co-workers like it but their opinion doesn’t count. The best part is the “petals” with the headers, “Abstract Art and the Future” and, “Why Abstraction?” I think I’ll also make a flower with tiny googly eyes all over it, which I realize is on the schnoz but what else am I going to do with my extra-large bag of googly eyes?

I Crafted

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