My First Drag King Show

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On Saturday night I went with my friend H to a fundraiser for Somos Familia, which supports and provides education for Latino families with LGBTQ children. The organization was started by two East Bay mothers who admit that they struggled with acceptance when their gay and bisexual sons came out to them. They write, “We envision a world where youth of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are accepted and celebrated by their families and communities.” The fundraiser was a community meal by Shannon Moe Cooks and a drag king show featuring Momma’s Boyz.

Vegas Jake who performs with The Rebel Kings and DJ Luna at White Horse Inn in Oakland was great. I also saw baby drag kings Ryder Nightly, Pressure Point, Javier Miguel, and Joey Gelato. Momma’s Boyz consisting of Alex U. Inn and The Mailman brought down the house. I’ve seen my share of excellent drag queens but I’d never seen a drag king show. It’s fun!

I just asked my coworker E if Latino families had a particularly hard time accepting LGBTQ children and he said, “We’re the only culture that names their kids Jesus.”

My First Drag King Show

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