Disposable Cups Suck

Last week I went on a business trip to Humboldt County. Are you wondering what business I’m in? Arcata is a strange place but redneck hippies are a group I’m familiar with being from just up the coast in Coos Bay, Oregon. I had lunch my first day at The Depot, Humboldt State University’s food court. There were no cups anywhere. No cups allowed! I needed my Diet Coke fix so I asked for a cup and was charged $1!

Later that afternoon it was coffee break time and I asked my colleagues about the cuplessness. It turned out for the bargain price of $0.75, I could get a mason jar for all my beverage containing needs. Wow! That’s some hardcore environmentalist action, the likes I’ve never seen in Berkeley. Cal is trying to be greener but nowhere near as committed.

I figured this was just a hippie university thing but no. That night I went for nigiri to go and asked for a Diet Coke to drink while I waited. The hostess forgot and then presented me with my sushi and drink to take away in a soup container. It did not fit into my cup holder.

Disposable Cups Suck

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