5446585277_97dd699852_bAccording to Urban Dictionary, a brofriend is man that shares a special nonsexual bond with another man like a brother. My definition is different. I have brofriends. They are platonic guy friends with big muscles that serve some boyfriend functions. “No Heather, I’m not sleeping with my brofriend but he did offer to carry me up some stairs after I sprained my ankle wearing 6″ heels.” “Don’t call my brofriend a meathead Heather, he’s actually very smart.”

My brofriends are great guys and hunky. We talk about deep things together and hug. They don’t want to be my boyfriend. I don’t want them to be my boyfriend. It seems pretty straightforward for now. It might get messy later. “Heather, make sure I don’t let my brofriends distract me from finding a real boyfriend.”


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