A’s Game, Perfect Friday Night

Oh, I was wondering why someone in front of us was wearing an elephant hat

My friends and I felt like drinking beer outside and showing our East Bay pride so we headed to an Oakland A’s game. It’s easy to get to the Coliseum, you can bring in your own food (I’m told this because the food there is so terrible), and you can get great seats for $20. My friend H couldn’t make it but said to do the Bernie Lean for her, which I thought had something to do with Bernie Sanders. I guess not. I still don’t know what that means.

I like the die hard A’s fans and the ragamuffin stadium. Giants Stadium is so fancy with fancy food and fancy everything. Not saying I wouldn’t happily go to Giants game, but this was East Bay sports watching week (we watched the Warriors make history on Wednesday at Bobby G’s). We were 12 happy local denizens enjoying the sunshine eating hot dogs and drinking “premium” beers.

Highlights included my friend P bringing a flask in the form of a sunscreen bottle and me saying the geekiest thing ever to a boy. During the 7th inning stretch I told him that I could sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in Latin and that instead of peanuts and cracker jacks you say dormice and honeycomb.

Let’s root root root for the lions, not the humans they maim

A’s lost to Kansas City. I’ll go back. Watching baseball is fun and loungey.

A’s Game, Perfect Friday Night

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