Don’t Be Sloppy With The Rock

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I arrived at Bobby G’s Pizzeria two hours ahead of the Warriors’ historical tip off last night. My plan was to save 6 seats for friends. There was only one available table in front of the TV that was rumored to be the one reserved for watching Kobe Bryant’s retirement party. I planned to read this month’s Books and Beer Club selection. My friend T got there super early to help me defend against the literal hordes that would come to try and take what was mine.

Last year I watched almost every Warriors playoff and championship game at Bobby G’s. The pizza is good. The beer selection is outstanding. They even have Pliny on tap for about five minutes every week. The whole place is packed with fans spilling onto the street during games. Nobody is there for any other reason. The service is perfect. They have never ever fucked up my order. They always play the Warriors song.

Watch the Warriors clobber Houston (and try not to vomit when Harden stirs his pot) on Saturday at 12.30 at Bobby G’s in Berkeley!

Do it big like Bogut people!

Don’t Be Sloppy With The Rock

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