Revisit The Trappist

FullSizeRender (61)Is The Trappist the original specialty spot to open during Oakland’s decade long beer boom? It’s so old that it’s Belgian focused. I hate Belgian beer. It tastes like cloves. Consequently, I haven’t been to The Trappist much over the years. I definitely took my beer snob brother-in-law there when he visited a while ago, before there were a million great options for craft beer in Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Oakland.

My friend H from Books and Beer Club and I went there last Wednesday before eating at B-Dama in Swan’s Marketplace. The weather was hot! Did you know that The Trappist has a nice little beer garden in the back? I did not. H did not. I was really pleased to see Founders All Day IPA on tap, a session ale with 4.7% ABV, perfect for the warm weather.

Old Oakland is so lively on weekdays after work. I’m finding any excuse to hang out there these days. Downtown Berkeley’s drinking establishments have dwindled lately. I did hear that a new restaurant is moving into the Perdition space and that they inherited Perdition’s great beer selection. I don’t know how that works but I’m very happy about it.

Revisit The Trappist

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