Taco Tuesday, Sad Trombone

16209728685_1fc5c70836_zAfter seeing Spotlight last night, my friends L, M and I headed to Xolo on Telegraph in Uptown Oakland for Tacos. I’ve heard the tacos are delicious at Xolo but have stayed away because the restaurant is by the same people that own Dona Tomas in Temescal. I don’t like Dona Tomas, not at all.

It turns out I don’t like Xolo much either. I ate one delicious shredded beef taco with yummy stuff on it. I liked the idea of the Danger Dog (bacon wrapped hot dog, mayonnaise, mustard, pinto beans, cheese, pickled jalapeños, avocado, flour tortilla) but it was overcooked. My Lagunitas(s) were great! Oh wait, they didn’t cook those.

The best part of the experience was having our own quiet corner (the place is huge) and getting to meet L’s new man friend person. He is funny and nice. I also learned that L’s go to Bumble pick up line is, “Tacos or pizza?” Pizza!

Taco Bell serves beer now. Go there instead.

Taco Tuesday, Sad Trombone

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