Lennyscopes, Leadership, And Love

I subscribe to stuff. I mostly read it. Sometimes I like it. Today I received three great things to read in my inboxes. I got my Lenny fix, a great piece by Seth Godin, and finally something really well written by Sabrina Alexis of A New Mode. I laughed, I learned, I cried. Not really, sort of.

Lennyscopes are included in Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Lenny Letter. They are Melissa Broder’s, “Existential predictions for the month.” I’m a Capricorn. Here’s mine for April:

All you maybe have to do is stop ruining stuff for yourself, which is a lot easier and harder than it sounds. This month, when anything in your head doesn’t feel friendly, loving, gorgeous, sweet, peaceful, or kind (like every five seconds), just know that it’s you doing the mind-fucking. The moment you notice it’s going down, simply say, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. I am not asking you to be a Jedi of hyperconsciousness. I’m asking you to torture yourself only on your first thought, less on your second.

I’ve been mind fucking myself all week after getting ghosted. The last line is the best thing I’ve ever read.

My friend A told me to read Seth Godin’s book Tribes and it in part inspired me to start writing. His blog is my daily ish dose of business. I’m aware that it’s business lite. I did not think about business when I read today’s post. He told me that focus is a choice, “Your story is your story. But you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of your story, not if it doesn’t help you change it or the work you’re doing.” Perfect timing as I was just talking to my friend L last night about what giant shitfuckers our fathers are/were and I was feeling guilty about saying that I didn’t care that mine jumped off a roof.

A New Mode often makes me gag but I liked Sabrina Alexis’ most recent post about healthy relationships. She defines a healthy relationship as, “a relationship where you’re on the same page, when you aren’t waiting anxiously for the next text, a relationship where you just know how he feels and there is zero need to question or wonder (and doing so would almost feel ridiculous).” I wrote a post about how I wanted to feel in a relationship and she sums it up. Unfortunately the last person who made me feel that way was Sexy Sportswriter and he’s the one who ghosted me. Confusing. Bad ghoster!


Lennyscopes, Leadership, And Love

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