Don’t Use Nair Down There

I’m a fucking idiot. Don’t be a fucking idiot. I bought some sexy red lingerie on clearance at the Rack and decided to remove all the hair from my vagina in preparation for getting some. I turned sexy getting ready time into a horror show by burning myself with Nair.

I don’t have the cash for professional waxing. I’ve used Nair down in the nethers and didn’t have a problem. I was watching my favorite part of any Friday Night Lights episode, where they play football and win. I got distracted, left it on too long, and FUCK!

I iced it and applied Neosporin with pain reliever and Lidocaine ointment. Yep, I possess Lidocaine ointment. Peeing was the worst. Later I played through the pain a couple of times. Please please don’t ever do this to yourself. Laugh at me. Always remember my tale of woe.

Don’t Use Nair Down There

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