Lara B. Horoupian Is A Great Artist

This afternoon I went to The Piedmont Center of the Arts after pancakes as Lynn and Lu’s Escapade Cafe on Oakland’s Grand Avenue. Brunch was good, the art show was better. I’ve been following the art of Orinda’s Lara B. for years and I found this show particularly superb. My friend P said, “I’ve been following her work for over ten years and it’s a pleasure seeing the evolving sophistication of her work’s formal qualities, the use of color and texture, and especially her imagination.” It’s wonderful having artists and art lovers for friends.

I really liked the light in her paintings of trees and her use of colored paper mixed in with the paint. She also does nudes but I like her landscapes the best. My eloquent friend C enthused, “rich in mood and texture; sensual bodies and landscapes juxtaposed against backdrops not unlike Giverny under the influence of peyote…” Lara’s paintings make me want to dance. I don’t dance much.

Her show closed today, but you can visit view her work on her website. Lara has exhibited in her in Beirut, New York City, Providence and all over the Bay Area. She is involved with the local Armenian community and the mother of two smart girls.

Lara B. Horoupian Is A Great Artist

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