Barney on Barney on Bernie

Former Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank believes democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders can’t win with mostly white liberal supporters and platform of isle crossing condemnation. But what would Barney (the big purple dinosaur) have to say to Barney Frank on Bernie Sanders?

On criticizing Washington insiders

Bernie Sanders: Do the elected officials in Washington stand with ordinary Americans – working families, children, the elderly, the poor – or will the extraordinary power of billionaire campaign contributors and Big Money prevail? The American people, by the millions, must send Congress the answer to that question.

Barney Frank: When he leads his audience in the chant that Wall Street regulates Congress, he draws no distinction between Democrats who enacted crucial financial regulations like the Volcker rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the regulation of derivatives and the Republicans who fought all three and are now working to undermine them.

Barney the Dinosaur: I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family.

On political experience

Bernie Sanders: What the American people want to see in their president is somebody who not necessarily can win every fight, but they want to see him stand up and fight for what he believes, take his case to the American people.

Barney Frank: I don’t personally remember his playing a meaningful role in moving either health care or financial regulation in the direction he favored when we were considering them. This isn’t a criticism of his work at the time, but it’s definitely an example of the scrutiny that should be given to his legislative work on the issues he’s campaigning on now.

Barney the Dinosaur: The dreams you see most clearly are most likely to come true.

With him or against him in blowing up the establishment

Bernie Sanders: We need new thinking to address the enormous crises facing our country. It is too late for establishment policies, politics and economics.

Barney Frank: No, Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign are not resisters of change. Neither is John Lewis, or the other Congressional Black Caucus members who are campaigning for Clinton, nor Tom Harkin, the leader in fighting for the rights of those with disabilities, nor Henry Waxman and Sandy Levin, who chaired the committees that wrote the ACA in the House and who have written an article defending their work against Sanders.

Barney the Dinosaur: Hello again to all my friends. I’m glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never ends.

On moving forward in the campaign

Bernie Sanders: I think the idea that we are the campaign that has the energy, that can create large voter turnouts, and can beat Trump, will be a convincing argument to many superdelegates.

Barney Frank: As more attention is paid to his record, and as the silence of his colleagues perhaps turns into active skepticism and uneasiness, Sanders is likely to face headwinds he so far has managed to avoid.

Barney the Dinosaur: Then fasten your seat belts, and away we’ll gooooo!

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Barney on Barney on Bernie

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