Thigh Highs And Garters And Belts

I’m not feeling her, but the image was free

After work today I’m going to BART from Berkeley into San Francisco and shop for sexy things. Yes it’s for a guy, duh. I wear lingerie and fishnet stockings frequently, but I’ve never bought thigh highs and garters and belts. The appeal of thigh highs and garters and belts is not something I fully understand. I get lingerie and stockings; they feel sexy to me and look sexy on women.

When I look at thigh highs and garters and belts I feel very little. They appear intensely structural not feminine. I’ve been asking my guy friends about it today. I got a lot of enthusiastic replies. Lingerie shopping is something guys actually like to text about.

I asked my photographer friend L about the aesthetic. He replied, “I love lace and strappy stuff but more finely executed. The way a fabric traces a curve is sexy, even artistic. It’s an elegant framing device for said art.” I thought he’d uttered the smartest thing I’d ever heard about women’s underwear. I would award him a panties’ Ph.D..

My friend S should be a poet and only write about lingerie. He said, “Thigh highs! Warm exposed inner thighs. Delicious!” I liked his response so much that I turned it into a Haiku.

Her thigh high stockings!
Kiss warm exposed inner thighs
Delicious! Lips, skin.

My friends J and C mentioned that thigh highs and garters and belts are sexy due to the removal process. C said, “The thing I like most about it is considering the time it will take me to remove them with my teeth.” I do understand the appeal of bodice ripping. However, in this case I’d want the guy to take his time with the intricacies. I wish I could afford the really fancy Italian stuff at Alla Prima in Hayes Valley. It’s so delicate and beautiful.

Overall, I’d say there’s a special sophisticated level of visual appeal to thigh highs and garters and belts. You do not see them everyday. They’re strikingly different. You see a lot of trashy lace in women’s clothing, but the contrast between nicer materials with skin provides another level of tactile titillation. Nobody mentioned that’s it’s a shared secret, which was my romantical idea. Basically, my guy friends know way more than any of my girlfriends about this stuff. Way, way more. Interesting.

Thigh Highs And Garters And Belts

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