Sexting Rookie


I’ve had phone sex before but never sexted. The phone sex was fun. It devolved into moaning and we both got off. I was skeptical about having text sex because there would be no sexy sounds, I’d be using one good hand to type, and I’d be constantly worrying if my writing was hot enough.

I turned to some friends for advice.

Me: What’s your definition of sexting? Pictures? Sexy typing?

Friend #1: Both!

Friend #2: I think it starts with the typing and leads up to pictures, so yeah, sexy texting.

Friend #3: BF says that sexting by definition is a text. I agree. Dick pics are dick pics.

Me: How do you take pics, type, and get off at the same time?

Friend #1: I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it’s fun. I’ve usually waited to get off til after the texting/photos. Like when the convo is done. Otherwise it’s too stressful.

Friend #2: I dunno? FaceTime would be easier.

Friend #3: Sexting has always seemed weird to me TBH.

I sexted for the first time last night. I sexted with a real writer so it was pretty hot! I went with Friend #1’s approach and masturbated afterward. He apparently got off during, but without the sounds I was skeptical at first. Then I just decided to believe him and feel proud of myself.

Here are some highlights. I’ll leave off his convo contributions since I don’t have his permission. I will say that he is an extremely gifted writer. Also, I left out the ass stuff because TMI right? Hahaha.

Me: I’m your dirty little cum slut, waiting to taste you.

Me: Ohh Tessa, I mean Yes! Fuck you autocorrect!

Me: If I were there, I’d want you to shove my panties into my mouth to shut me up.

Me: There are some hobos fighting outside my apartment.

Me: Push me down and fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone. Make me cum noisy.

Me: I wanted to fuck you at breakfast.

If your sexual partner is out of town I say, go for it! Sext, FaceTime fuck, give good phone. It’s fun and a good way to get to know someone and what they like. According to Bustle, “It gets your creative juices (and other juices) flowing.” I want to rip his clothes off the next time I see him. Who doesn’t want that?

Sexting Rookie

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