Goofy Grin Part II

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.51.10 AM

The timing was off with That Guy but still I hoped. Then, I met someone great on Bumble. I felt so lucky to find someone else to tie up my butterflies. The goofy grin showed up again. My friends who made valiant effort to keep up with my dating life switched to team Artist Dude. He was way better than That Guy because he was responsive and seemed to have no serious obstacles to prevent him from relating. Importantly, Artist Dude’s art is actually great. It’s the worst when someone is a creative type but what he or she creates looks like shit.

Artist Dude very quickly became Texting Buddy. I’d hear something from him every couple of days but he stopped asking me out. In this type of situation, it’s best to let go. Do not do what I did. I initiated meeting and asked him what was up. I’m not sure why it still surprises me to hear a 40 something man in San Francisco tell me he’s really busy, needs alone time, and can’t have a traditional relationship. Wouldn’t I just like to have occasional meaningless sex? No, I wouldn’t but thanks for the 7th offer like that I have received since starting to date in January.

My goofy grin is stupid. It appears for the wrong guys. I’m done looking for love on an app. Wah! Then, last week I was up at 5 am and decided to play a little Bumble. Swipe, swipe blammo! We had breakfast. We had dinner. We had another dinner. My friends are now on team Sexy Sportswriter (he even gets the best nickname). They are almost ready to print up t-shirts because he’s nice to me and likes my quirky. Goofy grin is not stupid; it’s smart and makes my dimple appear. Possibility, you can’t beat that.

Goofy Grin Part II

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