Fuck You Ovaries!

RoomLast night I was invited to see Room at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland (best place to watch Warriors playoff games and presidential debates). I read the book and hadn’t planned on viewing the most depressing film ever, but I was invited and there was Line 51 IPA and popcorn. I ran into Sarah and David Gerber (my neighbors on the 7th floor in WeWork Berkeley), the most beautiful and creative wife and husband team in the Bay Area but they were there to see Anomalisa.

My friends arrived and we sat on a comfy couch right up front.The movie started but it was Brooklyn (also moving/depressing) instead of Room. Forty-five minutes past show time and we were underway. Oh dear, that movie is manipulative. The theater was filled with loud sobbing. My friends and I wept quietly. “Fuck you ovaries!” my friend M summed it up. “Don’t see this movie on your period,” she texted her sister. I wouldn’t recommend anyone see it ever but I don’t like to fork over cash to feel depressed..

We shook it off and head to Woods bar for beer and Girl Scout Cookie pairings (thanks for the tip H). My friend L said that she likes to drink beer in the shower. She pairs her soap with her beer. Spice soap? Time to drink a Hefeweizen. L is a genius. I love my friends!! Sob sob.

Sarah and David Gerber

Movies I don’t like

Fuck You Ovaries!

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