Way Better Than A Bathroom Selfie

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WeWork’s own Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios is an amazing photographer. I love my new head shots! Sarah writes on her website, “we believe you matter and, consequently, that your story needs to be told.” I hate having my photo taken but Sarah made it fun. Sarah’s awesome husband David, a professional coach joined us and helped me smile more naturally by reading me quotes from the Simpsons.

Guys, get rid of those awful mirror selfies on your dating profiles and go see Sarah. A killer photo is essential if you want to meet the person of your dreams. Then when you’re successful, Sarah can take your wedding photos too. Her wedding shots truly tell a love story. They’re not fake or posed.

I’m hoping to team up with Sarah to throw a big singles party where you can mingle and have candid photos taken for your social profiles. What do you think? What’s your story?

Twenty Twenty Studios

David A. Gerber coaching

Simpsons’ quotes

Way Better Than A Bathroom Selfie

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