Your New Favorite Holiday: Katie Fisher Day

My sister’s friend Matt lost his sister in a car crash when she was 24 years old. It was an unspeakable tragedy for him and his family, and all of her friends. A few years ago, Matt decided to honor his sister by creating a holiday. Katie sent him homemade cookies every week when he was in college, so for Katie Fisher Day, you bake cookies and send them to someone you love. You try to time it so the cookies arrive on March 12, or near then. Or you can just send or deliver them on March 12. You can print and enclose this explanation of Katie Fisher Day so your cookie recipients can share the love next year.

For me it’s become a day that I appreciate my two sisters who are still alive, and we usually all send cookies to each other. I also like to bring cookies to work or send them to a friend who’s going through a hard time.

I’m no Martha Stewart, and I don’t own a stand mixer, so my standbys have been some kind of simple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or molasses cookies, or this recipe for Brookies (brownie cookies) that my boyfriend has used with good results.
This week I tested a new recipe for olive oil, lemon, thyme cookies, and they were a hit at my office, so some lucky person might get a package of those this weekend.
Read more about #KatieFisherDay here and here.
This post is courtesy of my friend Heather. My only question is who wants to receive my famous lard-filled chocolate chip cookies?
Your New Favorite Holiday: Katie Fisher Day

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