WeWork Is Making Me Fat


I can’t resist free food. TGIM! Community Cereal Bar? Thank you WeWork, I will consume a bowl of the delicious Oatmeal Squares. New Member Brunch? Munch munch. Lunch and Learn? Nom nom learning. There’s a lot of deliciousness around my office building, which is probably very appealing to the undernourished 20-something boys around but I should resist. Free food also results in people gathering and sometimes socializing.

It’s different than other places I’ve worked. Teaching meant that in the staff room there was always something sugary or cheesy or sugary and cheesy available to snarf on recess breaks. We weren’t particularly social about this bingeing unless it was someone’s birthday. Nothing good comes from the staff room at a school. It’s all snark and snarf.

When I worked at a synagogue, if I wanted free food I would have to stay for Shabbat services. My boss bought me Diet Coke when I was a consultant until she realized if it were free, I’d slurp up at least 3 a day. It’s not Google with its unlimited supplies of artisanal chicken salad sandwiches and coconut water but WeWork is my own free food utopia.

Actually, I don’t blame WeWork for making me fatter. I just blame working. It’s sedentary (at least I can walk to work), stressful, and not about me. Watching what I ate was actually easier for me when I was unemployed because I had the time and desire to stick to a routine of healthy eating and working out. My mother who recently retired has had the opposite experience. Work kept her busy and therefore not eating as much during the weekdays.

I’ve been here a year and have only been offered 2 free donuts, so there’s that at least. Donuts are the death nail.

Are Donuts the death nail?

WeWork Is Making Me Fat

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