Still Boycotting Game of Thrones

Logo_Game_of_Thrones.pngSeason 6 of Game of Thrones premieres April 24, I’ve just received a text, “The Game Approacheth” with a link to the trailer from friends I’ve watched 5 seasons with, and I’m not forgetting what I promised last year. I will no longer watch Game of Thrones on HBO.

Last year Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill tweeted that she was through with Game of Thrones after the brutal rape of character Sansa Stark in Season 5. The season 4 incestuous rape over a corpse, which The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern called, “the most screwed up sex scene ever broadcast on television” wasn’t bad enough apparently. They went ahead an used rape as a lame plot point again. Stark’s character was not developed by the event and as Senator McCaskill wrote, “Gratuitous rape scenes are disgusting and unacceptable.” I don’t think there’s much more to say on the matter.

Except, Reaxxion’s “Ethics Officer” Sam Roberts responded that healthy people don’t get upset when something bad happens on television and it just goes to show that feminists lead miserable lives. The comments following the article are even more, “extreme.” I’m thinking really hard about whether my empathy level is out of whack and if I have nothing more important to whine about because I’m pathetic as implied by this article and accompanying comments (there are of course other articles and more comments). I’m thinking that defenders of the show are correct when they say if I don’t like it, I shouldn’t watch. I’m not going to watch.

Boycott Game of Thrones

Don’t boycott Game of Thrones

Still Boycotting Game of Thrones

2 thoughts on “Still Boycotting Game of Thrones

  1. Mr Clem says:

    Apparently Thrones is a bad neighborhood for a Pretty Peanut..

    But doesn’t the horror and and brutality of Thrones indict the whole horror genre in itself? If we speculate further over why a “genre” in itself comes into being, it’s because it serves a purpose.

    In this case that purpose is deep and dark and psychological. It has something to do with archetypes and mastery and our deepest fears and the Hero’s Journey and Joseph Cambell and Gods and myths and everything that we turn toward and everything we turn away from…

    ..Sure, we can say how disturbed we are be rape, murder and brutality of all kinds that remain alive and well in all us humans; just turn on the daily news. We are every one of us is Jekyl and Hyde; simultaneously transcendent and deeply deplorable. These genres help us make sense of who we are and what we are. This is the purpose of storytelling from as far back as we can see as humans.

    And that story is complicated and layered; not always bright and shiny and pretty as a peanut. Plumbing the depths is not always the linear equation some politicians and pundits with agendas would have us believe. What if facing what we are actually has the effect of making us somehow better?

    …Shakespeare said there are only seven stories. We know that those stories embody malevolence, violent brutality, artistry in language, complex narratives, wit, humor, sensuality and the range of humanity we still relate to today, -yes even in G.O.T. Essentially they are the same stories that we seem to need to tell ourselves over and over, era after era, to help us look in the mirror and make sense of what we see…

    Turning away from ugliness, shutting it out, bottling it up, stuffing it away and splitting it apart -only makes it grow bigger, badder, and more prominent.

    If you read this missive as condoning rape than you are C entirely missing the point. Art shouldn’t be shy. It should be in your face and it should make you feel strongly about something. Arguably this very dialogue suggests that the program is grabbing people, forcing them to think and making them passionate about sharing those thoughts with others. -Really, it doesn’t get better than that, Peanut.


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