Day Dating

lunch dateI have a first date at lunch tomorrow. Day dating is something pretty new to me. My first dates are usually at a bar after work. He’s a professor at Berkeley and we are going to have poke bowls next to WeWork. We’ll have only one hour for the date. It seems like there are pros and cons to day dating.

My friend L had a breakfast date at 9 am on a Saturday. I forgot to ask her what she wore, but I assume the dress code was casual. It seems like a breakfast date would be time limited similar to my lunch date. It probably takes 30 minutes or less to eat a bagel (a lot less if you’re me). At 9 am I can’t imagine the line outside Beauty’s in Oakland is too long but I’ll factor another 30 minutes in for that. L went above and beyond making first date conversation for at least an hour after they were finished with breakfast but decided to cap it at 2 hours.

Her date wasn’t ready to go. He’d driven from San Francisco and seemed disappointed that she didn’t suggest a follow up activity. I don’t spend that much time talking to people I know over breakfast but he wanted more. At this point I would have felt very uncomfortable but L agreed to walk around a bit. No alcohol involved, it’s broad daylight, we’d been out late the night before, it just seems awkward.

Possible pros to day dating include limited time (except that didn’t work out so well for L); dress code is work wear in my case (I won’t have to put together an evening appropriate get up), and there will be no expectation to hook up. I don’t know but it just seems like it’s going to be weird. Mostly that’s because there will be no liquid courage and I’m shy. Now I sound like an alcoholic.

I wouldn’t go on a hike with a stranger but playing tennis might be OK for a day date as long as there was an opportunity to talk (talking on a first date is an essential for me). I have friends that rock climb and that seems like a good day date. Maybe taking a class of some kind would be fun? There’s always day drinking.

Addendum: I just had my own breakfast date before work. We were both up before 6 am so it seemed like a good plan. That’s right, I will have had both a breakfast and lunch date today. There was bacon! It was not awkward.

Day Dating

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