Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Like Glitter Exploding Inside Me


Thursday night as we were leaving Yoga to the People, I turned to my friends and exclaimed, “I feel great, like touch my own sexy butt great!” And then did the sexy butt dance. I might have busted into the sexy butt song but I can’t sing. This is one of the reasons why I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I relate to the Rebecca Bunch character played by comedian Rachel Bloom, crazy and crazy stereotype deconstructing musical numbers and all. The show is awkward, self aware, clever, hysterical, and it brings me back to my Pomona College days living in the 909.

I love looking at Vince Rodriguez III the Pilipino actor who plays adorable bro Josh Chan, the reason Rebecca Bunch moved from New York City to West Covina. He’s muscly and the sexiest crooked grin I’ve ever seen. I love the song lyrics. For example, Josh’s hot girlfriend sings about why she’s much better than Rebecca, “Butt stuff doesn’t hurt at all, sometimes I prefer it.” I love it that they’re always eating the best donuts in the world, the fresh strawberry ones from Donut Man and showing those Birds of Paradise flowers I remember from the Inland Empire.

There is something about the show I’m a little unsure about. A lot of articles about the show talk about the fact that it’s feminist. These articles mention the “Sexy Getting Ready Song.” Bloom told Audie Cornish on NPR,

“I think there is this kind of fetishizing of … a woman getting ready and she’s primping and she’s, you know, dusting a powder puff into powder and making herself smell pretty. And, no: Getting ready for a party is disgusting and frustrating and horrifying. And so … the contrast between not only like beauty and ugliness, but how things are portrayed in pop culture and in pop music and how things really are was very much our guide for that song.”

I asked a couple of friends last night what makes the show feminist exactly. Is it because they make jokes about telling your boss that your ovaries exploded to get out of work and wiping front to back? My friends haven’t seen it but K mentioned the Bechdel Test. A TV show or film is “feminist” is two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. Many conversations in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend center around Josh and how dreamy he is.

Still, I love the show. I love Rebecca Bunch, her “sugar jugs,” and “I Give Good Parent” rap.

Sexy Getting Ready Song

Bechdel Test

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Like Glitter Exploding Inside Me

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