What to do in Oakland on Friday Night

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Yes, I placed that stuffed mushroom in her cleavage to take this shot

A group of my friends and I are starting out our First Friday night with a visit to Art Murmur. I started going to Oakland’s art party when I first moved here in 2007. It was great.

Then I went in 2013 around the time of the shooting, when you could buy truffles made with weed and moonshine on the street, people were packed into the cordoned off section of Telegraph, and those people were insanely drunk. The art mattered very little. It was a total shit show and I vowed not to return.

Last year I was talked into going again and it was so much better. Art Murmur is basically a bunch of open galleries, food, and sundries available for sale on the street. I’ll be back again on March 4.

This is not a post about Art Murmur, however. The most fun thing to do in Oakland on a First Friday is Hoodslam. Hoodslam is wrestling, cheap beer, too many tequila shots, and fucking great people watching. Hoodslam is Oakland. The Hoodslam website declares, “This is real!”

Hoodslam is in Oakland’s Old Opera House in the Jack London Square Area. Predrink at Heinold’s or Merchant’s. Like San Pedro, CA, Merchant’s is where you go if you want to be murdered by someone with a hook for an arm. Wait in line for a bit and then behold the wonders of Hoodslam. There are wrestlers with names like Drugz Bunny and F.O.N.G. (Fucking Obese Nerdy Gamer). There are bands with names like Broken Condoms and Cocky and Bullstinkle. Hoodlsam is a good opportunity to wear that leather bra top and show off your giant tattoo of Jim Morrison’s head.

This Friday, “Hoodslam and ArnoCorps team up to fuck you fans twice as hard once again!” It’s $20 and the show starts at 8 but runs until at least midnight. You’ll chant and jump up and down and maybe even spray Axe Body Spray into the air.

Don’t bring your fucking kids!

What to do in Oakland on Friday Night

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