Not Great Date Idea: Play at the Pacific Pinball Museum

pinballI’ve been on grown up play dates all over Alameda. I’ve been mini golfing and played arcade games. When I found out my future date lived in Alameda, I suggested meeting at the Pacific Pinball Museum. I’d complete the Island City G rated date trifecta. According to the website the Pacific Pinball Museum’s mission is “To teach science, art and history through pinball, and to preserve and promote this important part of American culture.” Sounds pretty sexy right? There are 100 vintage pinball machines to play for a flat fee of $15.

I arrived a little early and went inside to meet my date. I imagined thrusting my hips seductively as I worked those flippers. When I got inside, I was surprised to see that the “museum” was actually a garishly lit storefront. There was no one else inside except for the proprietor and it was completely silent. I thought pinball machines made “come hither” sounds like slot machines. Nope. I knew that they wouldn’t serve alcohol but why was there no music? I realized that starting this date at the Pacific Pinball Museum would be incredibly awkward.

I ran outside as soon as my date arrived. Oooh, he looked good. “Let’s not do this,” I begged, “Let’s go grab a drink instead.” We ended up at the Fireside Lounge across the street. The Fireside Lounge actually has a fireplace. My plan was to liquor up and then proceed to pinball. Oooh, he smelled good. We went to Lucky 13 instead. “Why did you want to go to a pinball museum?” he asked.

Not Great Date Idea: Play at the Pacific Pinball Museum

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