Brutish Vs. Broodish

Someone related to me and I discussed television shows we binged watched over the holidays this morning. These shows are important to her and she’s important to me so I let them jump the line past all the better crap I’m behind on (The Knick comes to mind). Last night Blindspot reappeared on NBC and on Sunday, Quantico will reappear on ABC. Oh boy, torture depictions.

Our discussion centered around her attraction to Blindspot’s agent Kurt Weller played by Sullivan Stapleton (remember him from the movie 300?) and my attraction to Quantico’s agent Ryan Booth played by Jake McLaughlin (remember him from the March 2003 invasion of Baghdad?). She said, “He’s a little guy!” (McLaughlin is 6’1”), “Weller is hunky” (Stapleton is also 6’1”). It got me thinking about how we like our FBI agents, our fictional characters, and our men with fatal flaws and all.

She likes them brutish (rapey?). I think she reads too many Harlequin Romances. Weller/Stapleton would definitely rip that bodice right off you ladies. I like them broodish (depressed?). Booth/Stapleton’s eyes are so pretty when he’s introspective about his ex wife. Weller/ McLaughlin grunts when he talks (covering up an Aussie accent?) and Booth knows his way around a shower scene.

For fucksakes Millers, get your shit together and go outside! There are plenty of rapey sad men hanging out in the real world.

Brutish Vs. Broodish

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