Leap Year Leaps

Since it’s Leap Day, I asked my friends about chances they’ve taken or personal growth they’ve experienced this year. Thanks for sharing. You’re brave and you inspire me.

I’m using an app to get dates, taking the lead organizing social events, and not getting so balled up about broken people and broken systems at work. I started writing this blog. Me

I started doing Muay Thai. I get punched a lot but I love it. Edgar

I ended a 6 year relationship that had gotten toxic, learned I could actually date, gained confidence in myself from a dating perspective, and met someone who is a much better match. Professionally, I invented a job that I wanted and now love. Also, I managed to get hired to write cookbooks, gained a bunch of Twitter followers, which sounds lame but is very validating. Kate

I held a leap year superhero party for individuals with developmental disabilities, this is when I love my job. Tina

I started grad school. Kristina

After nearly 3 years on the lam the authorities caught up with me and made me go back to work. PJ

I leaped into dating age appropriate men. Erin

I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and resigned a lease for the first time ever. I’ve never stayed past the first year before. Lindsay

I rented an office so I could work from home or work from office. I hiked 15 miles up a hill in 100-degree heat with a 50+ pound pack to hiking for a weekend. That hurt. I’m now raising 3 teenagers full time and my eldest daughter graduated from USF with less than $10K in debt. Jason

I started a new job in a different industry. Natasha

Sexological Bodywork Training! Adam

Relationally speaking, I decided to own up to moments of bad attitude and sniping comments by saying, “I’m sorry; will endeavor to do better in the future,” perhaps a little more easy than I’ve done in the past. Clem

Going freelance, moving to Oakland, and investing in female friendships. Melissa

Committing a good amount of time and energy to studying data visualization and I also learned to lead a multi-pitch climb. Diana

It’s not really a leap in the sense that I had a choice about it, but losing my mom has been a really significant thing. It’s sort of like I was pushed rather than leapt. As you know, when you lose a parent, it’s kind of like you’re all alone in the world. Jeff

I leapt into a new life and a new city. I had job offers in San Diego, Indiana, and the Bay Area and went for an adventure. Totally unexpected! Andria

Despite being an independent woman and feminist, I moved states for a guy I love despite always envisioning my next big move to be associated with my own career. Now I’m here in the position to further develop my career and find a new job. Liz

I committed myself to attending one Meetup event a month, so far so good. Ana

I asked for a raise. Heather

For seniors the biggest leap is retiring. How do you know if you are going to be financially safe? I retired January 1st officially. Sharon

Well, I sort of decided at the beginning of the semester (that would be mid January) that I wanted to focus on things outside of school more. That’s a pretty big leap for me because ya know I’m a total geek and I’m usually doing homework alllll the time haha. Olivia

I leapt from the North to the South. I also leapt into a new job and took a leap of faith on a student I wasn’t sure about. Levi

I didn’t sleep with or get back together with a guy who was cruel to me despite him asking repeatedly. Some days I still want to. I have a dishonest heart that betrays me. Kitty

I’ve realized that I can let go of feeling guilty about taking time to relax and stop thinking about my responsibilities when I’m off-duty. Pat

I moved from Seattle to San Francisco. That’s a pretty big leap for me. Raj

Probably buying a foreclosed home at auction in my hometown (in MA) and taking on a big long distance renovation project to make the house livable again. Kate

Leap Year Leaps

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