Why the GOP is Desperate to Dump Their Copper Top

copper top turned ass boil

Donald Trump has been the Republican Party’s copper top and now it might be too late to dump his ass. Earlier, I wrote a post about being someone’s copper top. In dating, the term copper top refers to a person likely with low self-esteem used by someone else as a tool, solely for the latter’s personal gratification or aggrandizement—as an energy source. Donald Trump has brought viewers and attention to the GOP, energizing the party.

The 10th Republican debate on Thursday was Trump’s worst. Marco Rubio finally stood up to Trump and handed him a doozy of a defeat. The Florida senator hit him hard on healthcare and his questionable labor practices. With Super Tuesday just days away, his attack may be too late. Trump’s celebrity was at first a boon but is now an ass boil. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Trump is winning votes while rejecting or giving little attention to many elements of the GOP economic and social-policy agenda.” The Republican Party is now on a mission to dump Trump.

Just like in dating, if your copper top starts to make your life harder by not acting like they’re supposed to, you look for another. The GOP needs a candidate that falls in line. Who that candidate may be or whether they can actually present a unified front remains to be seen. Would as many people have paid attention to the Republican primary if it hadn’t been for Donald Trump? Probably not. Is Donald Trump fit to be president? Definitely not.

What is a copper top?

How Trump happened

Why the GOP is Desperate to Dump Their Copper Top

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