Books, Beer, Belong

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Last night we went to Woods Bar & Brewery and then Make Westing in Oakland for sandwiches (mine was oxtail)

I’ve joined seven book clubs in my life. I didn’t stick with six of them for various reasons such as the fact that I don’t actually want to read classic books or talk to people that do, I don’t want to truck to San Francisco, I don’t like mean girls, and I don’t like old women. That last one isn’t true but it is true that older ladies love book clubs. I was intrigued when I heard about Books and Beer because of well, the books and the beer.

I can’t remember where the first meeting was held (maybe Lost and Found in Oakland?) but I do remember that the book choice was shitty (sorry leader Stephanie). I watched Angelina Jolie’s even shittier movie based on the book (Unbroken) instead of reading it. I came for the beer and stayed for the amazing women, who are now my amazing friends.

We meet once a month at a beer place and sometimes also go on social outings together. I was pleased that I was able to talk the club into going to Albany Bowl and Big Band Night at Rooster’s Roadhouse (may it rest in peace). We vote on a book selection each month and I like to win, so I always make a suggestion. Last month the amazing “A Little Life” lost to a Mindy Kaling book. I didn’t read it, even though I love Mindy Kaling, to protest against not winning (sorry leader Stephanie).

I must admit that the club has become less about reading for my liking. Everyone’s excuse is that the book is already checked out at the library. I guess they want to spend their money on beer more than books. Finally, I want to change the name of the club to Books and Whiskey. Who’s with me?

Join us

Read “A Little Life”

Books, Beer, Belong

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