Berkeley’s Comal Has a Lovely Patio But A Weird Vibe

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Shitty iPhone pic of my friend’s mezcal served with pineapple and chicharones

My girl M and I like to have a drink or two after purifying our souls at Yoga to the People. We usually go to La Botella Republic, Spats, or Revival Bar but last night we decided to check out Comal.

It has been open awhile but someone told me that the food wasn’t very good there so I’ve never entered the establishment. Mexican is not my favorite grub anyway. Something cool about Comal is that they have a Meyer sound system, which appeals to my inner sound geek and appeases my fist shaking grandpa side.

It’s pretty darn pretty inside and out. The patio is half covered and half uncovered. The covered part has a bar and wooden booths. The uncovered bit is more rustic. It has a fire pit with log seating and some bamboo (does bamboo block sound?). There are also some picnic tables and heat lamps. I was not cold.

When we got there we were the only two people sitting by the fire. We learned quickly why that was. You’re not allowed to order food and eat it back there!? We didn’t want their purported mediocre food anyway. The other thing you need to know about drinking on Comal’s patio is that they automatically add a 20% gratuity to your tab!? I usually tip $1 for each drink I order (is that cheap?) and all the guy did was pour two glasses of wine.

I didn’t like the vibe back there. My friend and I were hairy eyeballed because we’d just come from yoga and looked stank. “So what?,” I say. We were sitting on a log and I’m pretty sure it was fake. The bartenders and the clientele were not friendly. We usually end up meeting new people when we go out for drinks. I tried to catch the eye of the Ryan Gosling lookalike but I’m pretty sure he was on a date.

I left tipsy thinking, “meh.” I decided to plan one of my nerd parties there anyway. It’s a huge space with just a few “drinkers only” enjoying it. It’s time to rowdy Comal up.

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Berkeley’s Comal Has a Lovely Patio But A Weird Vibe

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