Take a Beginning Acting Class at Berkeley Rep School of Theater

2128150022_f75ecae3b2_zI can be socially awkward. Shocking that an introvert would write a blog I know. I used to work with lawyers, good talkers. If I wanted people to listen to my opinions, I needed to learn how to communicate clearly and assertively. I signed up for Beginning Acting at Berkeley Rep School of Theater.

I loved my teacher but I can’t remember his name and he doesn’t seem to be there anymore anyway. Now you’re stuck with a sexy and single (I know because I matched with him on Bumble) Hapa guy for an instructor. Ask him to take his shirt off during your first class. I dare you.

My class was small and we were kind to one another. Several of the people taking class wanted to be actors but not all. We played a lot of games and then the challenges started.

Our first major challenge was to sing a cappella in front of everyone. When I was an exchange student in Denmark I ended up (I didn’t understood what I was signing up for) in the choir for a traveling production of Hair the musical. I never sang a note, just mouthed the words. I’m a terrible singer.

I chose a song I really like, Jill Sobule’s Resistance Song because I mostly knew the lyrics and they are pretty funny (distracting?). Somehow, I transformed into someone who could sing, who should be listened to, and captivated our bunch for just a few moments. It was maybe kinda sorta one of the best experiences of my life.

Next, we had to perform a monologue. I chose a speech Mindy made to Danny whilst he was acting as her personal trainer from the Mindy Project, which is so good I must share now.

“For the record, there is nothing you can criticize about this situation that I haven’t already heard from every mean girl for my entire life…I know that I could lose 15 pounds. I know that I don’t have this perfect skinny hot body like all the girls that you date. I know that one of my boobs is crazily bigger than the other. I know that I have upper knee fat. And I know that I have a scar on my back that looks like a swastika. You don’t think that’s come up every single time I’ve dated a Jewish guy?”

I improvised by pointing to one of my boobs and whispering, “It’s this one.” Hahaha, I sound like such a narcissist writing this post.

Finally, we performed a scene in front of a live audience of people who loved us enough to come to Berkeley at 10 pm to listen to beginner actors. I was given the most lines (look mom, I’m the star of the school play) because I’m the one who could memorize the most lines. I had to say, “salmon suit” repeatedly. Alliterating can be tricky.

I couldn’t and I can’t currently act for shit but I’d recommend that anyone who had $300 (ouch) to spend on self-improvement, take the Beginning Acting Class at Berkeley Rep School of Theater. I can’t say one bad thing about my experience.

Classes start back up again at the beginning of April

Sing along

Take a Beginning Acting Class at Berkeley Rep School of Theater

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