Pencil Skirt and Pumps

I try to wear skirts and dresses as much as possible. I’m not a glamour girl but feminine style is part of my brand. I have two favorite skirt types, the obscenely short and the pencil skirt. The character Joan Harris played by Christina Hendricks and Mad Men in general brought the latter back in style.

I’m not as curvy as Ms. Hendricks, especially on the bottom but my knockers are big enough that I like to wear the skirt as high as possible, about six inches below the bust line. Wearing a pencil skirt gives me confidence and it’s work appropriate. I think for me the fact that it’s binding is a big part of the sexiness (I’m sorry if I’m a bad feminist). You have to walk wiggly like.

A pencil skirt worn with pumps is better yet. Just the word “pumps” is sexy. Wearing pumps make me feel like bending over a desk or getting pushed up against the stacks. I like classic black pumps and this quote from the Wall Street Journal Blog post about what women’s shoes are telling us on Mad Men,

“Megan, on the other hand, is young, trend-conscious and thoroughly modern.  For the performance of “Zou Bisous Bisous” that started the season off with a bang, she wore a long-sleeved black minidress with low, square-heeled black pumps: a fluttery, of-the-moment look that allowed her to pose and coo and wiggle.”

Pose, coo, wiggle, and purchase minidress (life hack: buy one from the girls’ department). Check.

In these parts, what’s often considered a sexy outfit is a chakra tank top and soft shell pants accessorized with a BPA free water bottle. I can’t climb rocks in a pencil skirt but I’ll take my chances that I’ll find someone who feels my brand.

Buy the red one

Zou Bisou Bisou


Pencil Skirt and Pumps

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