Meet the Friends

Sarah’s Friend: Welp…I’m meeting his childhood friend and I guess other friends tonight. I’m gonna throw up. I mean, in fear, not disgust lol.

Sarah: They’re going to love you because you’re great and I love you!

Sarah’s other friend: You might need a drink or two in preparation!

Sarah: No, don’t drink too much!

Sarah’s other friend: Or Sarah can give you a Xanax 🙂

Sarah’s friend: Hahaha. I guess I could also just be completely unconscious.

When you’re dating someone new, meeting their friends might even be more anxiety provoking than meeting their family. Friends are the people he/she chose to be influenced by.

My first real boyfriend’s friends were for the most part haters. His best friend asked him, “Do you really want to date someone so young, isn’t she pretty stupid and immature?” Another friend once asked me what we’d done the previous night and when I told him we went to see 2 Fast 2 Furious he said, “You realize my friend would never see such a stupid movie if it weren’t for you?” OK, it was not the finest installment of my beloved franchise but those guys were stupid stupidheads.

I’m still great friends with my ex boyfriend after him and my ex boyfriend’s great friends. I think they judged me based on my character and not on my love for the Rock. To be fair, it was a very long relationship and we all got to know each other over time.

My latest ex boyfriend’s friends seemed indifferent. The core group had made buckets of money on a startup. They were a little high and aimless for my liking but nice enough. It was after I got stuck in a long conversation (during which I was completely ignored) with the wives and girlfriends (all in their very early 30s) about how they were going to freeze their eggs (only 4,000 women froze their eggs in the U.S. in 2013) and how much they loved [insert exotic location in which they just spent two weeks], that I started feeling really out of place and uncomfortable hanging out with his crew. Also, there’s only so many times I can watch a bunch of fucked up dudes watch Dune.

My friend from the text exchange above was understandably nervous. When the relationship is new, a couple of off comments from friends can tank your stock. My friends often commented on how quiet my latest ex boyfriend was. Eventually after certain bad actions on his part, they were openly disapproving. I imagined my wedding (I realize imagining weddings is stupid) would be just like my mother’s. Her friends refused to come.

The next day I asked my friend how it went. She said it went well and the experience was positive. There was bonding and nice things were said.

Sarah’s friend: I wonder if they’ve met his last girl. Guess it doesn’t matter but just curious lol.

There’s always something else to be anxious about. LOL.

Rule 3: Please, don’t act schmoopy

Meet the Friends

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