Eat Stew at Berkeley’s Jazzcaffe

IMG_3414Jazzcaffe is literally underground, below a jazz school. According to their website, “Jazzcaffè is a hidden treasure – a little spot of class in the midst of the busy downtown Theater District.” I’m not sure I’d describe it as classy but the food is good.

Panini (one of those cool words where the singular and plural are the same) are prominently featured on their menu. I’m not a fan of warm sandwiches. Also, if I want a sandwich I’ll go see the boys at my beloved Sandwich Spot. I go there for the stew, as long as there is no fish in it. I’m not a fan of fish stew. Mmm, meaty stew is so wonderful in the winter. I also like the soups and the salads at the Jazzcaffe.

The owner and the man that’s usually behind the counter are very nice. I don’t drink much coffee but they serve the Caffè Umbria kind, if that means something to you. I like it that they are open at dinnertime because stew is a lot for lunch. They have sweet things that look good but I try to avoid sweet things. Finally, I’ve only ever heard jazz musicians playing there once. I guess I should actually look at their calendar and coordinate my stew eating accordingly.

California Jazz Conservatory Calendar


Eat Stew at Berkeley’s Jazzcaffe

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