Kobani Mediterranean Grill is Yummy Even with the Eggplant


I loved Athineon Greek restaurant. I was really bummed when I heard they were closing, more bummed when I found out they were being replaced by a vegan butcher, and even more bummed when I imagined big slabs of tofu hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

FullSizeRender (20)The lovely Greek family that owned Athineon told me that they were going to reopen closer to home in Castro Valley. Luckily, I discovered Kobani Mediterranean Grill on the same block. I won’t have to trek to Castro Valley because I don’t what else in Castro Valley, just that there used to be chicken ranches.

I ate a chicken kebob plate (I know, not inspiring) and it was delicious. The chicken was juicy, the rice buttery, salad fresh, and it came with a generous vat of tzatziki sauce and pita bread. I shoveled it into my face while my companion ate something lamb looking. I even ate some eggplant (baba ghanoush) and I hate eggplant. The only thing that would have made better is french fries.

Also, it turns out it’s not exactly a vegan butcher (it’s called The Butcher’s Son); it’s a delicatessen and bakery. I think the butcher would be happier if his son had grown up to be a lawyer. Sorry vegans please don’t kick me out of Berkeley.

A much better review of Kobani

Pictures of tofu “meat”

Kobani Mediterranean Grill is Yummy Even with the Eggplant

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