Crepes A-Go-Go Crepes are Delicious: The Allan Young Interview

Allan Young is a big deal. If you are a tech entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area, you know who he is. Warren Buffet knows who he is. I interviewed Allan today over egg crepes.

Poor man and Warren Buffet at a steakhouse (Allan’s caption, not mine)

Sarah: What are you doing in Berkeley?

Allan: Hanging out at Tech Futures Group.

Sarah: What is Tech Futures Group?

Allan: A publicly funded group that helps tech entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Sarah: What did you do this morning?

Allan: I met with a super smart and writer of beautiful code entrepreneur named Paul who is working on Lime, the only tool that consolidates data from your cloud applications, showing you what’s going on across your business, client-by-client, project-by-project and employee-by-employee.

Sarah: What are you working on outside of Tech Futures Group?

Allan: This year I’m going to build a product, probably something with Artificial Intelligence. I also want to start a coding and a product management school.

Sarah: What makes a good crepe?

Allan: Similar to injera bread in Eithiopian cuisine, it has to do with the springiness.

FullSizeRender (17)
Deliciously springy crepes found here

Sarah: Why is Crepes A-Go-Go a superior establishment to Crepevine?

Allan: There are less people and I’ll always go for the least pretentious place. Also, the crepes are springier.

Sarah: Where else do you like to eat in Berkeley?

Allan: I like Jupiter because the pizza is good and the back patio is a great place to be on a nice day.

Sarah: What do you think of my blog?

Allan: I need to read more but here’s what I think of blogs in general. A lot of people start blogs and they’re often lifestyle blogs. What works better are blogs with specific content. For me to enjoy a lifestyle blog, there has to be a unique voice.

New goal in life: write something that makes Allan Young laugh.


Tech Futures Group


Crepes A-Go-Go Crepes are Delicious: The Allan Young Interview

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